In the near future. I hope to introduce a site like no other. This site will not only help beginners, It will also help experts learn about the world of PC Tech Repairs.




Why This Site
     Ever found yourself stumped by a meticulous error or technical problem you couldn't solve?.
You search the web and find many asking the same question. You get scattered answers that just
aren't close to your solution. It's frustrating sifting through unrelated junk people put up. That's where
this site comes in. I eventually want to have as many straight to the point materials about fixing and
solving software and hardware problems.

What's To Come
1 . Information on what utilities every tech should have.
2 . What utilities are most effective and where to find them.
3 . Forums where individuals can ask tech questions and get
     clear and simple answers.
4 . Latest information on new virus threats and updates.
5 . Links to other tech related sites.
6 . The "how to" on many things about your computer so that you
     won't need to search all over the net.
7 . Remote connections via internet to fix software configurations.
8 . Rss Feeds about tech related news.
9 . Many options will be added as time permits.
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This site was created Wednesday, March 1, 2006
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